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Dec 9, 2013 5:30am PST
. >> please respect our way of life, respect our religion. it makes no sense to put a monetary value on something that is so religious to a people. >> the ngo representing tribal rights, survival international, is defending the hope because -- hopi cause in france. it says such sales are shameful. >> we propose a very narrow definition of what should not be sold. not every art object belonging to primitive tribes, not all religious objects. here, the tribe sees the masks as almost alive. they use them. they belong to the tribe collectively. >> among activists supporting the hopi cause is robert redford , who says any auction of the masks is a criminal gesture. >> rio de janeiro has held its first mass gay wedding. 100 couples said i do on sunday. some couples wore traditional attire, others jeans. they were all united in their cheer that erupted when the judge announced them married. us in the from newsroom. we will have more headlines coming up in just over 15 minutes. >> in football, monaco have moved into second in the french league after a narrow win. monaco stays 2 points in tim
Dec 7, 2013 7:30am PST
that is already being forced into more extremist views. a new religion again goes to latch on to the news that religion is an excuse for extremists in congo where to put this in part that was clear evidence that there are bargains to be radicalized i'm forced to join direct causation all yum with a wonderful christmas who then can become extremists as well. aids treatments was ultimately released from behind these moles back into society. some will load pc and brave man pink plastic erupted between police and students who are marking the fifth round of the three of the clay completion to the teenager also says he stayed and had this bright and stronger nice to quell the price of youngsters who don't have coupons and said it was the lines at least ten people were arrested and dozens more to hang. the poses and applying ice to present my hammock dorsey have clashed in several cities across the tip of the cd to use the gas to disperse demonstrations. dozens of the rest of the night the unrest comes despite the government costume you'll find groups of more than ten people gathering on the str
Dec 7, 2013 8:00pm PST
. a new religion you get those who've left home to use that religion is an excuse for extremists. that would be a concern but that was clear evidence that there are bargains to be radicalized i'm forced to join direct causation will be on a full report christmas who then can become extremists as well evidence for the prison open sissy name stays put the as are necessary he said not finding pellets as having shelved and then they say its length and gangs have grey and in how and influence in jail to leave the country and the prison open to safety a sniff confronts that they target vulnerable new arrivals that can touch it and that the islamists that already being forced into more extremist views. he speaks some christmas in the italian law enjoyed the benefits. all done it again if i'm a self all heart on that had just the same as the pa for a kind of trip atonement for protection how dumb it because i'm cool with extremists who was ultimately released from behind these moles back into society. it's been three weeks now since the air crash in the russian city of cuz on that killed
Dec 6, 2013 6:30am PST
because of the color his skin and done said or they will record his background or his religion blind dates and if they can learn to hate they can be taught to love for love comes more naturally to human heart than its opposite. now i add be careful because there are also sad to say to me as a catch quotes are going round at slate of this about saturn at first i cannot seem to scroll down and tell you what it is at it this fake tree in this fake wood if you see it now that it's not for mandela he did not say i didn't see this fear is not that we are inadequate our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. stunning. a man on a sunday morning cheney know you know that seven films have been made about nelson mandela about his life serving in the nineteen eighties with the discount mandela where danny glover played the hand but he also became part of the national popular culture through this song which was that called free nelson mandela and it came out in ninety four it was a song by the specials and a really long it's the popular movements around the world and educate people about
Dec 2, 2013 3:00am PST
parents like that. very modern. very open-minded. unlike for some, there's no question of religion, of color of skin, or anything like that. people can be all beautiful. it depends on who they are, but it is not a question of color. for me, both of us were beautiful. and i loved color. color of the skin. tattoo on the skin, which is a kind of color. some blue colors that you add. and i wanted to show that. when i started, i remember that there were some beautiful girls. they're beautiful. but i felt like, ok, but there is also beauty. i have a girlfriend which was modeling for me that i met very early when i started that was from a french colony. she was beautiful and black and very inspiring, very nice. i say, yes, why not. for me, a difference was beautiful. they looked to me, and i wanted to show it. another kind of different was the fact that when i saw farida, i said, my god, she is incredible. i was very impressed by her beauty. very frightened even by her beauty. she was kind of a very arrogant imperial. and african and beauty with a special expression. not arrogant. but bea
Dec 2, 2013 3:30am PST
taboo like religion. it is like, if you are all together on showing who you are, you will be accepted, and people will refine everything normal. i remember one movie which was very beautiful, "chocolat," which shows one guy which is italian, and he goes to work in switzerland. he is not integrated at all. what does he do? he preaches his hair blond to be integrated, to look as if he was from switzerland. at a football game, he is looking with all the other men, and it is italy against switzerland. at one time, the italians win. i find it beautiful and emotional at the same time. he betrayed himself through that reaction, and at the same time, it was beautiful, but at the same time, it is sad that you have to change your color or to hide it. that you have to do something like that to deny even your origin. you have to be proud of your urgent and to show it. >> you are giving me a challenge and a challenge -- giving me a challenge and yourself a challenge. what about cult? that is not something to hide behind. it is so out there, and yet, it can be quite important part of your collectio
Al Jazeera America
Dec 7, 2013 10:00am EST
africas are equal regardless of race creed religion. they are personified those ideals, they carried forward those ideals not only in word but in deed. to one where democracy and equality ruled. as mandela said, he wasn't going tgoing, he said i fight against white domination. i fight against black domination. i cherish a society where everyone is found equal. that goes to the heart of what the struggles were about. >> now in this time of grief and mourning for nelson mandela, the dangers are is that people are thinking about the man rather than what he stood for. and south africa today, 50 years later, are those ideals still there? do they need to be refreshed. >> we had a conference, and one of the speakers spoke about the moment of reckon. and then i heard yesterday that it's time for reflection. i think what you just said we are at that moment where we need to reflect. we need to reevaluate. we need to rethink and reconsider where we are today in relation to what the liberation struggle was about. yes, we are honoring and remembering the man. but more importantly we must honor wh
Dec 8, 2013 8:00pm EST
liquor store. the question of a religion or culture, as you know, for all intents and purposes, everyone speaks english. and even qataris people, especially those that attend the american branch campuses, a lot of times they don't speak every arabica. so that issues that revolve around culture politics tend to be those that are important and the erosion of the cultural authenticity or the qatari culture rather than demands for transparency. these issues can be relatively easy to addressed by the powers that be. for example, you can ban the sale of alcohol is the government did before. or you can somehow address this sale of pork within the country. by and large, at least for the time being, given the current political economy of the country, the population tends to be a political for a variety of reasons. it does not mean that there is individual dissent that might exist. but now, is there something that the sentencing of this, as you know, the poet is accused of personally insulting a very personal type of insult against a ruling family and that becomes extremely difficult in the contex
Dec 7, 2013 5:00pm PST
to the news that religion is an excuse for extremists. i'm dealt with to put this in part that was clear evidence that there are arguments to be radicalized. i'm forced to join direct causation all beyond a folder for christmas who then can become extremists as well. evidence for the prison open sissy name stays put the as are necessary he said not finding pellets as having shelved and then they say its length and gangs have grey and in power and influence in jail to leave the country and the prison open the safe nation is concerned that they target vulnerable new arrivals that can touch it and that the islamists that is already being forced into more extremist views. he speaks some business in a tone that you are going to the bathroom. all summer to get more fiber itself. all art doll that had just the same as the pa for a kind of trip. atonement for protection. how dumb it because i'm cool with extremists who was ultimately released from behind these moles back into society. they expect the store is one of them one must not be enough artist of the north korean jail calm the seas had to
Dec 8, 2013 7:00am PST
on mandela's message of peace which transcended re and religion while his lead a service of the brightest in the methodist church in johannesburg. monday marks the formal start of the week long state funeral for the man who helped and apartheid. ike. gathering on a hillside overlooking johannesburg on sunday morning. the south africans awoke to a day of prayer sunday marks the official start of the week the mourning period for nelson mandela. i had plenty of activity as of the time many stories to his collective eyes natural holiday to me. do we allow police to you. i see on tv crowds across the country continue to pay their respects. some are even hoping to pass on mandela's message to those who didn't know him. plus he didn't see teach us to attend. he never really knew him. um what kind of a different county. and to be on someone. the sun stayed my little surreal to appeal to me and asked so on. it's a sad day that the city to the south african president jacob tomorrow and monday of the second wife winnie mandela attended the service of the riots methodist church to mark the day over i
Al Jazeera America
Dec 7, 2013 6:00am EST
the political religion is something called jujay. the question is if kenneth bae will ever be released. >> joe biden welcomed the decision and called for the release of kenneth bae, another american held captive. >> delegates from iran, the u.s. and five other world powers are prepared to iron out the details of a deal to monitor the nuclear program. talks are set for next week in geneva, and will focus on when aorses will be conducted. it's hoped a short-term deal will lead to a final settlement. as world powers prepare to sit with iran, the obama administration is opening the door to sell u.s. defense systems to allies. despite a deal with iran they pose a threat not addressed by the nuclear agreement. >> no strategy is risk free. diplomacy takes kournal, vision. our emphasis on diplomatic tools should not be misinterpreted. we know diplomacy cannot operate in a vacuum. our success will hinge on america's military and the credibility and assurances to our allies and partners in the middle east that we will use it. >> he made those comment addressing leaders at a summit in bahrain. >> prepara
Dec 6, 2013 1:00am EST
ii. after the war was over, he sought a place where he could life and practice his religion free from fear. for him and millions like him, that place was america. he passed away last year but designeds life, he this special menorah with a liberty the statue of at the base of each candle. i don't know if you noticed that. in a few moments, all nine lady shining, aill be reminder that our country's -- wherever you come from whenever your faith. that beacon stays bright because the ones thatke will join me in lighting the menorah this evening. dad, jake could not be here. he is deployed in afghanistan. [applause] but we are joined by his daughter'sife, his -- go ahead and wave. drew, laney, kylie, i want you are nothow proud we only of your dad but also of you. grateful of the sacrifices that you make on behalf of our country every single day. tonight, we give thanks to all the men and women in uniform and for their families. they make tremendous sacrifices on our behalf. on the behalf of our freedom and our security. not only of us, but our allies and friends around the world including
Dec 2, 2013 2:00pm EST
interpretation of religion. we are to the first world trade in the bombing in 93, remember. the people who are getting pummeled in bosnia were muslims. it was a source of concern to people across the world. i received calls from both the pope and the king of saudi arabia, asking me to intervene and bath and. and i wondered whether that was the first time they've ever been on the same side of an issue. to call broke said it was the problem from. and when we were once discussing how everything happens at once, the aftermath of somalia, haiti, bosnia, toilet cracked one of the stress lines the whole time he worked in the white house. he said you know, sometimes i really missed the cold war. bosnia in some ways became a memoir for the 21st century. it was the first conflict, which reminded us that the end of the cold war basically took the veil off this mh we were privileged to have come even when it didn't fully comport with reality that there was a bipolar world and is dangerous otherwise come with all these nuclear weapons hanging around, at least it was organized. even our spies helped eac
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13